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This is Ustaad Bhai Tahir Iqbal Son of Ustad Master Feroz Din. He running Al-Feroz Music Institute which was founded in 1947 by Ustad Master Feroz Din.., He belong to Gawalior Gharana and Ancestors were from Amritsar from Rubabi Family.

Family Histroy

My ancestors belong to Bhai Mardana who were with Guru Nanak ,so we are Rubabi....Gawalior Gharana. Bhaie Atta Muhammad is a Legend Of Music. ,My Grandfather Bhaie Chiragh Muhammad Amritsari is brother of Ustad Bhal Lal Muhammad Amritsari ..they both are sons Of Bhaie Atta… My FatherUstad Master Feroz Din was well known music Director He introduced 1st Music Institute in Pakistan in 1947.. Ustaad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan was my uncle he was a very famous Classical singer , My Uncle Hamid Ali Bela is well known for his Arfaana Kalam. I am serving Al-Feroz Music Institute From childhood With my Father And Brother. My elder Brother Ustad Shokat Iqbal was a very famous Classical ,Soofi and ghazal singer and a famous Sooz Khan of Pakistan,,., Now after death of My father and My Brother I am Running Al Feroz Music Institute with My Sons,Aqeel And jahanzaib. We Sing Classical ,Thumri,Soofi and ghazal .We have composed Music for Movies ,Dramas ,and Albums and.I lived in bahrain 8 years and also introduced Al Feroz Music Institute there. By the Grace of God, I have performed on Tv and Radio and also perform every year in All Pakistan Music Conference. .My inlaws are from Kapurthala Gharana, Mian Barkat Ali fareedi and Mian Mehboob Ali fareedi From Kot Mithan.He Was Linked with Hazrat Ameer Khusro,and lived his life with Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed..


Our ancestors


Stage Performance by Ustaad Bhai Tahir Iqbal


Ustad Master Feroz din(Left) & Ustaad Ghulam Hassan Shaggan(Right)


Ustad Master Feroz din (Lengend)


Ustaad Bhai Tahir Iqbal

Al-Feroz Music Institute Team

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Ustaad Bhai Tahir Iqbal


Ustaad Bhai Tahir Iqbal(Left) & Ustad Shokat Iqbal(Right)


Aqeel Tahir son of Ustaad Bhai Tahir Iqbal

Some of Famous names are student of Al-Feroz Music Institute

Musician which can not count but some names are here Fariha Pervaiz,Javaid akhtar,A hameed,Kamal Ahmad,Hanif Boby, Anwar Rafi,Malik Ali Ahsan ,Shazia Manzoor,Nisar Butt,Rangeela…Iqbal Bahoo.Bisharat Butt,Dr Khalid Raouf,Anjum Mirza.Like This alot names which I can't explane,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in thousands.


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